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Volunteering @BloodyScotland – an inspiration!

In this piece we hear from Tricia Golledge, a well experienced, locally based volunteer at Bloody Scotland, which takes place in the city of Stirling in September every year. A very friendly festival with a massive amount of choice it is always a joy to attend.  They even have a local cocktail in honour of […]

What books and my library means to me

There is a discussion event happening at 7pm in Stirling Central library tomorrow (Wednesday 25th Nov)  with a fantastic panel: Alan Bissett, Shari Lowe, Lisa Ballantyne and Billy Letford, Chaired by Claire Squires.  This panel is not directly crime related but in my experience public libraries and crime fiction go hand in hand as crime is […]

We ‘heart’ Nordic Noir !

Bloody Brilliant – by Soilikki (Guest Blogger)

I guess everybody has their secret passions in life. Without giving away too much I can probably reveal that two of mine are Scotland and crime fiction. What a welcome  surprise to find both of them combined at Bloody Scotland on a September weekend in Stirling and me being at the right place at the […]

Bloody Stirling

Bloody Stirling! Words you will often hear me mutter. I get rather frustrated sometimes with the lack of quality events in my home area.  Generally speaking, unless I get on a train and head to Glasgow, Edinburgh or London, I always end up at the same places, The Tolbooth and The MacRobert, seeing similar kinds […]