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Call for Papers

Fargo, Series 3

“We see what we believe, not the other way around.” (Varga) I was very excited about this series as I really loved the first two. Set in Minnesota, which along with North Dakota has the highest percentage of Scandinavian Americans per state in the USA, series 3 did not disappoint.  On a basic level this […]

#ButeNoir2017: A wee trip doon the watter!

Originally posted on chapterinmylife: Scottish Crime Fiction Blogger:
? For those of you too young to remember, or without the Scottish background, a “wee trip doon the watter” describes the experience of many Glaswegians during the holiday period where they would take a trip down the river Clyde and often visit or have their holidays…

Nordic Noir @North Finchley

Save the Date! For those in the North Finchley area, Mark Nagle is putting together a Nordic month which is pretty exciting and I hope some of you can go to the events as it promises to be an excellent meeting of fan minds! These are the plans so far: Tuesday 3rd October, 1800 – […]

Nordic favourites at #Tidelines Book Festival this September

Good News! Both Agnes Ravatn* and Gunnar  Staalesen will be appearing at the Tidelines book festival in Irvine, Scotland on the 21-24 September 2107.  Nordic Noir are definitely big fans of both of these authors from Norway. Agnes is relatively new on the scene in the UK having had one book translated into English and […]

Top of the Lake 2 – Dark stuff from down under.

Saying Elisabeth Moss is doing good work at the moment is like saying chocolate is only quite nice. Since mad Men, Moss has starred in series one of Top The Lake – Jane Campion’s dream-like New Zealand-set crime drama – and, more recently, the astonishing and harrowing The Handmaid’s Tale. Now she’s back for series […] […]

Nordic Bakery’s Font and Flavour

Font and Flavour is a lifestyle book by the Nordic Bakery, a favourite spot for Nordic Noir fans to meet up in when in London. We can already get the  Nordic Bakery Cookbook full of delicious recipes to recreate at home but Font and Flavour provides the reader with something different.  The text is by […]

Bravo Dicte! – #Dicte Crime Reporter

Originally posted on Nordic Noir:
Dicte Svendsen (Iben Hjejle) is Nordic Noir’s 21st century Jessica Fletcher in the sense that crime seems to be attracted to her and the show is ever so slightly formulaic.  She may also be the Nordic Noir fan’s version of Carrie Bradshaw. She has a great gang of girlfriends, she…

Arnaldur Indridason, candidato islandés al mejor ‘noir’ nórdico de 2017

Originally posted on Noir del norte:
El islandés Arnaldur Indridason ha sido elegido como candidato por su país al prestigioso Glass Key Award, que premia cada año la mejor novela negra de los países nórdicos. La selección parte del premio que ha recibido en los premios islandeses Drop Blood, donde el consagrado autor se hizo…

#Cardinal – Canadian Noir

So snowy, so icy, so barren, so Fargo – give or take 900 miles across the Laurentian Divide between the town in North Dakota and North Bay, Ontario, where Cardinal takes place. But in terms of dramatic intensity these two crime series are galaxies apart. Are you watching the Canadian show Cardinal on BBC4 currently? You […]