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NORDIC NOIR Danish series Grow snapped up by Walter Presents

Walter Presents has hit the ground running in 2023, and has announced another new series – Danish thriller, Grow. When newly graduated stockbroker Adam learns that his dad has died, he runs from his anxiety-ridden every day back to his childhood neighbourhood. Upon his return, Adam finds himself captivated by the thrills of Danish biker […]

Ten Years Have Got Behind You*

Originally posted on Crime Writer Margot Kinberg:
This post is in memory of Maxine Clarke, generous friend of crime fiction and crime writers, and an integral part of the crime fiction community, who passed on ten years ago today as this is posted. I was proud to call her a friend, even though we never…

New Nordic TV series coming in 2023

With the year coming to an end we take a look at new Nordic tv series coming in 2023. With the likes of Walter Presents and Netflix bringing some exciting new content for us, we now also have Viaplay coming into the mix – and although they haven’t given definitive release dates yet, we tell […]

Animal Life by Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir

Do you remember getting lost in the Arnaldur Indriðason’s series featuring detective Erlendur Sveinsson who is unable to let go of hope to find his missing younger brother? Erlendur knows there is no chance of finding the boy who had disappeared during bitter winter many years ago. But he longs for some closure to quieten […]

Call for Papers: Crime Fiction and Democracy #conference #crime fiction #academic #writing

International conference – Crime Fiction and Democracy Université Paris Nanterre 22-23 June 2023 Organized by the Centre de Recherches Anglophones (Université Paris Nanterre) and Queen’s University Belfast, in partnership with the Centre de recherches pluridisciplinaires multilingues (Université Paris Nanterre). The proposed multidisciplinary conference intends to explore the complex, multifaceted relationship between crime fiction and democracy, […]

Newcastle Noir 2022 (6) #NewcastleNoir2022

Until now I have written about the panel events I attended at Newcastle Noir 2022 but of course the festival is about much more than that. It is a celebration of the crime fiction genre and all it encompasses. This festival wants to be accessible to as many people as possible but I still meet […]

Newcastle Noir 2022 (5) #NewcastleNoir2022

The last panel on Saturday night at Newcastle Noir (and competing with the England/France World Cup quarter final) was ‘Uncovering The Truth’ with Paul Burke and Trevor Wood. It opened with some chat about Trevor’s books; Dead End Street, The Man on the Street and One Way Street. Trevor’s books feature Jimmy a homeless man […]

Newcastle Noir 2022 (4) #NewcastleNoir2022

I have heard crime writers described as the nicest, friendliest and funniest authors. Both the following panels had everyone laughing despite covering dark topics. I don’t know how they manage to do it but I swear some crime fiction writers should be stand up comedians. I’ve found this to be a consistent thing at crime […]

Newcastle Noir 2022 (3) #NewcastleNoir2022

‘The Truth Will Out’ panel with David Jackson, CS Green and chaired by Matt Wesolowski was one of the panels to be at if you enjoy the spookier books. All of these authors enjoy the horror element of writing and the main characters in David’s No Secrets and Cass’s book The Whisper House have something […]

Newcastle Noir 2022 (2) #NewcastleNoir2022

Ten o’clock on a morning Saturday morning and we are talking revenge. That’s how it goes at crime writing festivals. There are so many topics to cover you just have to get stuck in. The panel were Amen Alonge, Alan Parks, Ewan Gault and Johana Gustawsson and it was chaired by Jackie Collins. Topics covered […]