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SERIES REVIEW The Chestnut Man — The Killing Times

Chilling Nordic Noir from the creator of The Killing. Søren Sveistrup is a man with a track record. The Danish screenwriter enshrined himself in the crime drama hall of fame when he created epoch-making series The Killing, and in 2018 wrote his debut novel, The Chestnut Man. Now it’s been adapted for the small screen […] […]

The Chestnut Man by Soren Sveistrup – #review #nordicnoir

I was expecting great things when I heard about this book after all Soren Sveistrup was the writer who came up with The Killing which started this whole passion of mine off and in part lead to the creation of this blog.  Given his success in Denmark with film and TV it is not surprising […]

Nordic Film Festival in Glasgow, London and more! #nordicfilm15

The Nordic Film Festival is going on tour in January and coming to our doorsteps in Glasgow (also Bristol and Nottingham).  The festival starts in  London from tomorrow, December 4th and runs to December 13th. The 4th edition of Nordic Film Festival brings together another diverse mix of features, docs and shorts from the Nordic […]

Borgen Series Three, Episodes 1 A Child of Denmark & 2 The Land is Built on Law

As Sidse mentioned at  Nordicana earlier this year Borgen 3 has a different feel to it.  After tonight’s two introductory episodes I would say it felt less political and more personal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that changes over the course of the series.  Initially it felt a bit empty but Katrine’s haphazard torn […]

Roseanna by Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo

Miriam and Douglas recently attended the Edinburgh International Book Festival and listened to Ian Rankin interview Maj Sjowall.  They had a chance to speak to her as she signed their copies of Roseanna, the first book in the series of ten that she wrote with her husband Per Wahloo . Maj was a very engaging […]

DVD Review: The Protectors – Season Two

Originally posted on Euro But Not Trash:
With two BAFTA awards under its belt and a nomination for The Bridge, Arrow Films has resisted the temptation to rest on its laurels and instead is captialising on the success it has had introducing UK audiences to contemporary based slices of Danish and Swedish drama by preparing…

Wonderful Wonderful TV Tourism

A member of the group recently visited Copenhagen and a slice of TV tourism was experienced  when an organised  walking tour themed around The  Killing was taken. A little brochure accompanied the tour.  If you click on the photos you will be able to see larger versions.

Nordicana – A two day show celebrating Nordic Noir fiction, film and TV (Day 1)

The length of the queue  on a cloudy Saturday morning in Clerkenwell, London was surprisingly long, showing just how popular the Nordic noir  genre has become.  Upon closer inspection it became obvious that for the vast majority of people attending at 10.30am was probably a civilised time in their day just after morning coffee and […]

Fifty shades of Fan Fiction

Have you ever wondered what Lund or Wallander would have done if you had written the story? Apparently people out there are putting their ideas down in writing and publishing their stories on sites such as fanfiction.net and Wattpadcom. I had never heard about such websites until this week and a quick search showed me […]

Killing Beauty

‘But if you could just see the beauty, These things I could never describe’ Isolation by Joy Division When I watched The Killing I could not believe what a visual treat it was. The beauty of the photography, the lighting and the styling of the show blew me away. Following each episode I would find […]