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Wee Puffs #3 – Concise book reviews

From time to time we do 140 character reviews. This kind of review started on Twitter where characters are limited. The word limit really makes you think about what you write in the review.  These are the latest three: Goodnight Papa by Simon Rowe – Award winning thriller/suspense story collection with strong sense of place […]

Aye Write! Our festival highlights

The Aye Write festival in Glasgow (9-19 March)  always has an interesting programme and some years appeal more than others appeal to crime fans. This year they have 200 authors in 3 venues and it’s a good one for Nordic and Scottish crime fans. In fact there are too many interesting events for us to […]

Aye Write! Choice Picks

Glasgow’s 2016 Aye Write Festival has just been announced and tickets are now on sale for events happening in March.  I love the way that this festival has something for everyone. There are events with many themes such as music, graphic novels and gaming, poetry, fiction, non fiction, food, digital publishing, creative writing, politics and Gaelic […]

Glasgow Confidential…an evening with James Ellroy

  The dark , wet Glasgow evening started with a well rehearsed foul-mouthed tirade, encouraging gesture and mention of an independent Scotland. Ellroy read from Perfidia, his new book, first in the prequel quartet to his already established LA quartet. The prologue and part of chapter two to be precise. His reading was eloquent and […]

Aye Write! Glasgow’s Book Festival launched today

Today Glasgow’s 2014 Aye Write! Book Festival was launched. There are a few themes running through the festival. There is a definite political thread, not surprising in this highly politically significant year in Scotland. Also sporting and commonwealth threads tying the festival in with the Commonwealth Games which will be hosted here. This is Scotland […]