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Newcastle Noir – Friends in the North

  This year at NewcastleNoir2016 there was a good dose of Nordic Noir on offer and the panels with Nordic elements were really well attended.  Iceland, Finland and Norway were represented by a great mix of authors.  It was interesting to hear Nordic Noir mentioned in other panels such as the Brit Noir panel and also […]

This is Carnage! #NordicNoir

Thin Ice is an Icelandic murder mystery written by Quentin Bates featuring Officer Gunnhildur.  I always look forward to meeting a new detective and recently more so if that detective is a woman.  Let’s call it the Sarah Lund Effect.  Gunnhildur takes her job seriously. It narrowly takes first place in her life to her […]

Bloody Brilliant – by Soilikki (Guest Blogger)

I guess everybody has their secret passions in life. Without giving away too much I can probably reveal that two of mine are Scotland and crime fiction. What a welcome  surprise to find both of them combined at Bloody Scotland on a September weekend in Stirling and me being at the right place at the […]