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Harm by Solveig Palsdottir #Iceland #NordicNoir #crime fiction #policeprocedural

Harm by Solveig Palsdottir*, features detective Gudgeir Fransson and his team (who also featured in her other books The Fox and Silenced). I previously wrote “Gudgeir isn’t a detective that shocks the reader with strange behaviour. He seems determined, rational, empathetic and inquisitive and knows what cards to play at the correct time when investigating. […]

Aye Write! Our festival highlights

The Aye Write festival in Glasgow (9-19 March)  always has an interesting programme and some years appeal more than others appeal to crime fans. This year they have 200 authors in 3 venues and it’s a good one for Nordic and Scottish crime fans. In fact there are too many interesting events for us to […]

*Giveaway* Where Roses Never Die – An addiction to crime fiction 

Are you the kind of reader who gets addicted to a series of books?  I was addicted to Ian Rankin’s Rebus books.  I so looked forward to the next book coming out, wondered what music Rebus would be listening to,  where his work would take him, if he had changed his SAAB, how much he […]

Books in Bergen: A Review by Ewa Sherman

    Having followed in Varg Veum’s footsteps previously, while reading Gunnar Staalesen’s   We Shall Inherit the Wind, I wanted to go back to Bergen. Luckily I found the best reason possible: the Literary Festival (De Litterære Festspill) organised by the Godfather of crime fiction himself Gunnar Staalesen between 26th and 28th May 2016. […]

Not just a case of the little Belgian detective Guest Book Review by A. Spencer

‘Please tell to Poirot, if you can, what they have in common.’ ‘You mean Inspector Morse, Inspector Rebus and yourself, Hercule Poirot?’, I said. ‘Oui, mon ami, précisément,’ he said, ‘and why not, how you say, throw in for the measure good, some New Tricks?’ ‘You want me to tell you what links them and […]

Watching the Detectives

It occurred to me recently, when I was watching David Suchet playing Hercule Poirot, in the last of the Christie books featuring the Belgian detective, that it’s not often that you get to follow a particular character on TV and watch, over a substantial period of time, as he/she ages. As you watch, the lead […]