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The Chestnut Man by Soren Sveistrup – #review #nordicnoir

I was expecting great things when I heard about this book after all Soren Sveistrup was the writer who came up with The Killing which started this whole passion of mine off and in part lead to the creation of this blog.  Given his success in Denmark with film and TV it is not surprising […]

Big Sister by Gunnar Staalesen – A review

‘Reidar Rongved was around forty with dark-blond hair and stikingly thick glasses. It struck me that that might have been why he had chosen the bass: the instrument was big enough for him to see.’ (Big Sister, Gunnar Staalesen p197) Big Sister is a book which is concerned with a missing person’s case and just […]

This is Carnage! #NordicNoir

Thin Ice is an Icelandic murder mystery written by Quentin Bates featuring Officer Gunnhildur.  I always look forward to meeting a new detective and recently more so if that detective is a woman.  Let’s call it the Sarah Lund Effect.  Gunnhildur takes her job seriously. It narrowly takes first place in her life to her […]

We ‘heart’ Nordic Noir !

Homage To Clive James

This blog is supposed to be devoted to Nordic Noir…   going off at a tangent isn’t really playing the game…   it might well be seen by the rest of the NN team as committing blasphemy…    but, what the hell … it has to be acknowledged that when it comes to ‘good praisings’ of the enigmatic […]

Hey Jo, where ya gonna go? (with that gun in your hand)

Walking along towards the Albert Halls in Stirling on Saturday to the latest event in the Bloody Scotland fest, the first thing to notice, and it was unavoidable, was the queue. Out the doors of the Albert Halls, round the paved area in front of the car park, and off down Dumbarton Road. I’m told […]

Bloody Scotland Festival

Nordic Noir recommends the Arne Dahl session at Bloody Scotland on Saturday 15th September at 12.00.   Chaired by Jenny Brown this event promises to be an opportunity to explore Dahl’s approach to the recent BBC4 series where followers and fans were left wanting more. A light regret descended as we watched the actions of the […]

Reading the signs?

Nordic Noir has really taken off on TV and captured an audience on Saturday nights at 9pm on BBC4 – the ‘Subtitle Slot’ as I like to think of it. So what is the attraction? I’m trying to pin it down for me. Of course, one point is, that it is an alternative to standard […]

August creates as she slumbers, replete and satisfied*

Time for a summery lunch catch up, we haven’t had a chance for a while due to various work commitments and annual leave.   We stuck to the noir theme as usual but this time the theme was multi-cultural! The food embodied Italian noir (Taleggio cheese, Parma ham), Tartan noir (oatcakes, local eggs), French noir […]

Les Revenants – The Returned

Originally posted on wandywatson:
Bonjour.  If you haven’t been watching this, this will mean nothing at all to you.  If you are not up to date, there may be some spoilers. Now I am a lover of foreign drama, Nordic Noir being a particular favourite.  I loved the French detective series Spiral, so I was…