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Chilled to the Bone – #NordicNoir at the Capital Crime Festival by guest blogger Ewa Sherman

The inaugural Capital Crime Festival took place on the last weekend in September 2019. It featured leading crime and thriller authors, encompassing a variety of styles and subjects, providing snapshots of the hugely popular genre.  I volunteered for one day only and had a chance to attend a couple of panels, and of course I […]

#IcelandNoir Festival 2018 A review!

The dust (but not the ash cloud) has settled over the Iceland Noir crime fiction festival which was held between 15th and 18th November 2018 in Reykjavík.  We had a couple of willing volunteers there to review it for us. This first piece is by regular guest blogger Ewa Sherman who was Head of Volunteers […]

Reading Agatha

“Who received the unprecedented honour of a book review in a scientific journal for the accurate descriptions of poison in their first novel?” was the question at the Christmas Book Club quiz night in December 2014 that initially got me thinking I should maybe read Agatha Christie rather than watch the dramatisations on TV.   I […]

Master and Commander

Where does a ‘crime thriller’ veer off and become ‘horror’? I watched a programme the other night with Andrew Marr, talking about fiction and in particular, crime fiction. He dwelt on the history behind this genre – in the days of Agatha Christie and the Country House murder – a ghastly crime (usually a murder) […]

Newcastle Noir in Springtime!

Another year has passed…and this blog is two years old!  The Nordic Noir trend seems to be in its middle ages, new TV shows being made as we patiently wait, filling our time with tv shows from other places with similar elements –  dvds, box sets and books a plenty, not all new but some […]

Not just a case of the little Belgian detective Guest Book Review by A. Spencer

‘Please tell to Poirot, if you can, what they have in common.’ ‘You mean Inspector Morse, Inspector Rebus and yourself, Hercule Poirot?’, I said. ‘Oui, mon ami, précisément,’ he said, ‘and why not, how you say, throw in for the measure good, some New Tricks?’ ‘You want me to tell you what links them and […]

Is the ‘Crimes of Passion’ series really Nordic Noir?

What exactly is the Noir in Nordic Noir? From a selection of definitions, an undertone of dark emotions, precipitated and nurtured by long sunless winters, arguably empowers Nordic to claim exclusive rights to a specific genre to which other ‘Noirs’ cannot even mildly approach. So, can the Crimes of Passions series be regarded as truly […]

NN at Bloody Scotland: Some notes on the Arne Dahl session

The auditorium was filled with a lively buzz of expectation which was not disappointed.   Guttridge’s skilful interviewing produced a session to remember, and Dahl wooed the audience by expressing a love of Scotland and mention of a whisky trip. Discussing the first book he wrote, he talked about how he came to choose to write […]