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Malicious attacks in Reykjavik just as the pandemic begins – Deceit by Jonina Leosdottir #Iceland #crimefiction #Deceit

Deceit is a new book from Iceland brought to us by Corylus Books. The author Jonina Leosdottir is an established author in her homeland but this is the first of her books to be translated and published in English. I always get excited when there is a new Icelandic author to read and Jonina’s work […]

Harm by Solveig Palsdottir #Iceland #NordicNoir #crime fiction #policeprocedural

Harm by Solveig Palsdottir*, features detective Gudgeir Fransson and his team (who also featured in her other books The Fox and Silenced). I previously wrote “Gudgeir isn’t a detective that shocks the reader with strange behaviour. He seems determined, rational, empathetic and inquisitive and knows what cards to play at the correct time when investigating. […]

Silenced by Icelandic author Solveig Palsdottir #NordicNoir #crimefiction #booktour #Iceland #Silenced

Silenced by Solveig Palsdottir is a best selling, dramatic read with a satisfying ending. The story starts off with a prison suicide but to the officers investigating something seems unusual – there was no suicide note only a cell full of drawings – and they decide to dig further. Concurrently a series of brutal and […]

Betrayal by Iceland’s Lilja Sigurdardottir #NordicNoir #reading #Iceland #thiller

Betrayal is the first standalone of Lilja’s that I have read. Where shall we start? Isn’t the cover gorgeous? Every time the book caught my eye I thought it was beautiful and it made me want to read. The title is also thought provoking. Who did the betraying? Who was betrayed? Betrayal is a thriller […]

Chilled to the Bone – #NordicNoir at the Capital Crime Festival by guest blogger Ewa Sherman

The inaugural Capital Crime Festival took place on the last weekend in September 2019. It featured leading crime and thriller authors, encompassing a variety of styles and subjects, providing snapshots of the hugely popular genre.  I volunteered for one day only and had a chance to attend a couple of panels, and of course I […]

Fermented Shark Optional – my experience at #IcelandNoir

In this article Tricia, a creative writing graduate, crime fiction fan and regular volunteer at Bloody Scotland,  shares with us her experience of Iceland Noir. Thank you Tricia! It’s not often in this life that you get to achieve a long-held dream and even rarer when you get to do it in the company of […]

#IcelandNoir Festival 2018 A review!

The dust (but not the ash cloud) has settled over the Iceland Noir crime fiction festival which was held between 15th and 18th November 2018 in Reykjavík.  We had a couple of willing volunteers there to review it for us. This first piece is by regular guest blogger Ewa Sherman who was Head of Volunteers […]

Trapped Series 2 – Trailer!

Trapped series 1 (2015) was amazing.  Series 2 looks like it will be just as good. Trapped 2 will have 10 episodes and is filmed in Siglufjordur in Northern Iceland and Reykjavik.  It will feature the same police team as season 1. The word on the street is it will be aired in the winter […]

Rupture by Ragnar Jonasson

‘There was something sinister about this whole affair, Ari Thor thought, some inexplicable incident  that had been kept secret. He was certain that he was coming closer to a solution, but he would need to dig deeper.’ (Rupture by R. Jonasson) I have a colleague at work who has been to Iceland and has lumps […]

Out On The Ice by Grant Nicol

Grant Nicol is an author who follows the story. Wherever it takes him, and he won’t stop until the story is firmly expressed in words. To start with, after several trips to the land of ice and fire he settled in Reykjavík and produced three books: On A Small Island, The Mistake and A Place […]