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New Nordic TV series coming in 2023

With the year coming to an end we take a look at new Nordic tv series coming in 2023. With the likes of Walter Presents and Netflix bringing some exciting new content for us, we now also have Viaplay coming into the mix – and although they haven’t given definitive release dates yet, we tell […]

Saturday Night Opposites #Trapped & #Stag

It struck us last night after episodes 7 & 8 of ‘Trapped ‘and episode 2 of ‘Stag’ how these shows were full of opposites.  ‘Trapped’ highlights the city and the country, the selfless and the selfish, the young and the old,  the familiar and the new. ‘Stag’ has the upper class compared to the middle […]

Nordicana – A two day show celebrating Nordic Noir fiction, film and TV (Day 2)

 On Sunday the big draw was the Borgen Screening and Dramatising Politics panel discussion. Initially episode 16 was shown, this is said to be the best ever episode of Borgen. It’s the one where the audience find out about Kaspar’s back story and Birgitte has to decide about her daughter taking anti-depressants. The large and […]

Nordic Prime, in defence of Arne Dahl by Arto R Schultz (Guest Blogger)

A primer is a base coat of paint, sometimes easily omitted or forgotten in our haste to get a job done. But such base coats form an important layer for all subsequent coats of paint. A base coat to prime an audience. And so to the Killing a series which with it’s strong female lead, […]

Arne Dahl endings….

Arne Dahl endings…. Searching for a theme in these angst ridden offerings has been one of the highlights of the Arne Dahl series.  By stretching the imagination a little, one episode could be said to have tended towards a ‘relationships’ theme, and another towards a ‘children’ theme.   Europa Blues, the final episode, appropriately seemed to […]

Fifty shades of Fan Fiction

Have you ever wondered what Lund or Wallander would have done if you had written the story? Apparently people out there are putting their ideas down in writing and publishing their stories on sites such as fanfiction.net and Wattpadcom. I had never heard about such websites until this week and a quick search showed me […]

The Nordic Noir Project and the Borgen Suppers

There’s something very convivial about discovering common ground; more so when the common ground relates to pleasure. A group of colleagues chanced upon their mutual ‘fandom’ for the 9pm Saturday evening BBC4 offering of Montalbano and Nordic Noir as they exchanged e-mails on a project and crossed paths in the neutral territory of the departmental […]

Cox confectionary

http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2013/may/05/brian-cox-science-tv-inspires The media contrivance, Brian Cox, argues in this article (media product) that TV works; it inspires youngsters to express an interest in science or even take it up. I’m wondering what ‘work’ is being done when TV works? It seems that if the medium of TV works for confectionary cox through providing inspiration and […]