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Until fairly recently the UK has tended to show British or American made TV shows. Now those of us who like to watch shows from other countries and don’t mind reading subtitles have some variety of choice on TV in the UK. We are wondering why these Scandinavian and other subtitled TV shows fire our imaginations and have become so popular. What attracts us to these dramatic representations of their cultures and life styles? Why have they suddenly become a talking point in the media and in the general public? Are they symptomatic of today’s trend in globalization?

This group was started by a small group of university colleagues in 2013 who loved to discuss these sorts of shows and the topics raised from them. We’d discuss plot, sometimes character and sometimes the conversation would take an interesting twist or turn and we’d end up discussing all kinds of things such as food, music, poetry, philosophy and romance. Occasionally we would have a themed lunch and have the odd sweepstake about who the killer may be or how a show may end.

Photo by I McIntosh
The original gang in the Mitchell library, Glasgow
Professional Reader

Thank you to everyone who has given permission to me to use their photographs on this blog.

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