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This Is the Tale of a Nordic Soul*

The appearance of the term Nordic Noir is one which was recently constructed by the media and has become a popular catch all term to cover a variety of writing, film and television programmes being produced in the Nordic countries today.    However, at the heart of this term is crime fiction.   The translated literary branch […]

Nordic Noir Night Before Christmas

To everyone who reads our blog, members of the Facebook group and followers on Twitter, thank you for your input, friendly words and your opinions. We hope 2014 is full of interesting Nordic Noir events and you continue to enjoy sharing this with us. The Nordic Noir Team (Miriam, Christine, Sheila and Douglas) ‘Twas the […]

Roseanna by Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo

Miriam and Douglas recently attended the Edinburgh International Book Festival and listened to Ian Rankin interview Maj Sjowall.  They had a chance to speak to her as she signed their copies of Roseanna, the first book in the series of ten that she wrote with her husband Per Wahloo . Maj was a very engaging […]

Bloody Scotland Festival

Nordic Noir recommends the Arne Dahl session at Bloody Scotland on Saturday 15th September at 12.00.   Chaired by Jenny Brown this event promises to be an opportunity to explore Dahl’s approach to the recent BBC4 series where followers and fans were left wanting more. A light regret descended as we watched the actions of the […]

Nordicana – A two day show celebrating Nordic Noir fiction, film and TV (Day 2)

 On Sunday the big draw was the Borgen Screening and Dramatising Politics panel discussion. Initially episode 16 was shown, this is said to be the best ever episode of Borgen. It’s the one where the audience find out about Kaspar’s back story and Birgitte has to decide about her daughter taking anti-depressants. The large and […]

Nordicana – A two day show celebrating Nordic Noir fiction, film and TV (Day 1)

The length of the queue  on a cloudy Saturday morning in Clerkenwell, London was surprisingly long, showing just how popular the Nordic noir  genre has become.  Upon closer inspection it became obvious that for the vast majority of people attending at 10.30am was probably a civilised time in their day just after morning coffee and […]

Nordic Prime, in defence of Arne Dahl by Arto R Schultz (Guest Blogger)

A primer is a base coat of paint, sometimes easily omitted or forgotten in our haste to get a job done. But such base coats form an important layer for all subsequent coats of paint. A base coat to prime an audience. And so to the Killing a series which with it’s strong female lead, […]

Arne Dahl endings….

Arne Dahl endings…. Searching for a theme in these angst ridden offerings has been one of the highlights of the Arne Dahl series.  By stretching the imagination a little, one episode could be said to have tended towards a ‘relationships’ theme, and another towards a ‘children’ theme.   Europa Blues, the final episode, appropriately seemed to […]

Arne Dahl – Nordic Noir or New Tricks?

They are a group. No strong central character, so different from Wallander, the Killing, the Bridge etc. Slowly we are finding out the back stories of the group. (This crack team who seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in their dingy office, drinking coffee.) But the episodes so far seem to be falling […]