In this article Tricia, a creative writing graduate, crime fiction fan and regular volunteer at Bloody Scotland,  shares with us her experience of Iceland Noir. Thank you Tricia! It’s not often in this life that you get to achieve a long-held dream and even rarer when you get to do it in the company of […]

Last week’s cliff-hanger left us with Pawel dead and a bloody Víkingur trying to flee the scene. Now Andri and Hínrika arrive at the plant to find Ásgeir warding off an angry mob of Polish workers while Víkingur, who has been severely beaten, is held in a locked room inside the plant. He is calm, […] […]

Icelandic crime series, as we all know, is a genre worth watching, and so is the island’s burgeoning crime fiction scene. One of the leading lights from that scene, Ragnar Jónasson, is about to get the TV treatment. According to Deadline, Jónasson’s novel, The Darkness, has been acquired by Stampede production company, who is intent […] […]

A little while ago we brought you news of Finnish series, All The Sins (Kaikki synnit), which we described as a classic-looking Nordic Noir. Now we have an English-language trailer. It starts with a body winched upside down in a barn as a shadowy assassin draws a knife seemingly to dispatch the victim. But, diverging […] […]

The dust (but not the ash cloud) has settled over the Iceland Noir crime fiction festival which was held between 15th and 18th November 2018 in Reykjavík.  We had a couple of willing volunteers there to review it for us. This first piece is by regular guest blogger Ewa Sherman who was Head of Volunteers […]

If you are looking for gift ideas or want to treat yourself to something special or fun during the holidays this is a good place to start. We have been window shopping for a while and want to let you know what we like. Hopefully you will find something to enjoy over winter.  First up […]

From time to time we do 140 character reviews. This kind of review started on Twitter where characters are limited. The word limit really makes you think about what you write in the review.  These are the latest three:   Goodnight Papa by Simon Rowe – Award winning thriller/suspense story collection with strong sense of […]

Even more incredible was the notion that a detective could work undercover in a place like Palm Beach Finland. The very idea is utterly inconceivable. Many things happened, had happened and would happen in the future, but that wasn’t one of them. Palm Beach Finland by Antti Tuomainen (p 197), Orenda Books In 2018 I […]

According to today’s Herald these are the box sets to watch as we cosy down for winter.  The list has some absolute classics but feels a little off to me* and I thought I could do better so I have suggested alternatives to the shows on the original list. The ones from the original list […]