What Lilja does so well in her writing is tell an exciting, terrifyingly realistic human story through a multiplicity of female characters. The story is revealed through the roles of women; lover, hard worker, caring mother, controlling mother, scared wife, dying wife, alpha female and totally mental double-crossing psychopathic control freak.  I can’t recall another […]

In this piece we hear from Tricia Golledge, a well experienced, locally based volunteer at Bloody Scotland, which takes place in the city of Stirling in September every year. A very friendly festival with a massive amount of choice it is always a joy to attend.  They even have a local cocktail in honour of […]

Continuing on with our series of author experiences at book festivals Finland’s Antti Tuomainen reports back on his Edinburgh International Book Festival experience in 2018.  This past August, I was fantastically fortunate to be invited to and to participate in the Edinburgh International Book Festival. I say this with gratitude and happiness because EIBF is […]

BLOODY SCOTLAND 2018 Is it always sunny in Stirling? I expect the locals would be quick to tell me that it’s not. My infrequent visits to the historic city always seem to produce good weather, although there is no suggestion that the residents want me to be there more often. It’s a beautiful place and […] […]

We are excited to bring you a sample of Jo Nesbo’s latest offering MacBeth today. Enjoy! MacBeth by Jo Nesbo Chapter 1 ‘They’re here,’ Inspector Duff said, hoping his men in the Narcotics Unit couldn’t hear the involuntary vibrato in his voice. He had assumed the Norse Riders would send three to four, maximum five, […]

What is at the centre of your world? Have you ever thought about it? It might be you, it might be your family or it could be a place or a community.  The book I just finished reading has a valley as the centre of the world for its characters.  I should state now that […]

Loner, original title Einfari, is a debut novel by Icelandic author Hildur Sif Thorarensen.  Hildur Sif lives in Oslo where she currently studies medicine (having previously completed Master’s Degree in Software Engineering and Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science). Judging by her desire to learn and to experience more, it’s no surprise that in any spare moment […]

I’m slowly recovering from End of The Bridge-itis. Do you agree with Andy on the way the series ended? Read more here https://wp.me/p1vbUQ-oO

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If you have never been #doonthewatter to Rothesay then you are missing out on a treat and if you are a crime fiction fan then you are missing out on what is one of the best wee Crime Fiction Festivals in the land. #ButeNoir is now in…

Catch up on Andy’s latest thiughts on The Bridge. I love these blogs posts! Genius!!!! https://wp.me/p1vbUQ-oC