The Radio Times is currently running a competition about television foreign language dramas which we can vote in. Everyone who votes has a chance to win two golden tickets to the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival, which allows entry into all events across the weekend, plus a celebrity goody bag. Many of our favourite Nordic and […]

Honestly, we’ve had to wait two months for another Saturday night SkandiKrime series on BBC4, and when we get one, it’s this piece of half-assed tripe, starring Maverick Mess, Alf the Inscrutable and Claudia the high-flyer, who dabbled in high-finance fraud, got busted and is now having to make ends meet making coffee because no-one […] […]

Not only is it a brilliant series, I just love the way US network FX stokes up publicity for its Coen brothers-influenced series, Fargo. More often than not, it releases the most intriguing and delicious little nugget-trailers. They don’t reveal much, but they’re so exquisitely made they set the mood perfectly. And, in fine Fargo […] […]

Norwegian author Thomas Enger caught my attention in Reykjavik at the Iceland Noir festival with a description of his ultimate terror. The whole room was silent and captivated as he described his. It was a spellbinding moment and I knew I had to read his books. The terror Enger described at Iceland Noir was the […]

Beck is one of our favourites and we have news – 4 new Beck films will be made.  A casting call for the show was spotted which read: “We’re filming the thrilling conclusion to one of our new Beck films. For this we need lots of fun people who like to dance and act. We […]

Have you heard of Olivier Truc? He is a prize winning French author who  sets his best selling thrillers in the tundra area of Lapland.  They have been translated into several languages.   I noticed that Amazon are recommending Truc’s book  ‘Forty Days without Shadow – An Arctic Thriller’ if, for example, you buy Ragnar […]

The talk has been talked for a few years now. The damage done to Charlotte Square every year as the Edinburgh International Book Festival sets up its tents and invites thousands of visitors, can no longer be ignored. I’ve been torn between agreeing with the square’s owners that you can’t go on and cause more […]

This beautiful hardback , The Ice Lands by Steinar Bragi took me by surprise.  On first glance it is a handsome book with a black cover, Nordic looking cover art and the slightly chilling sentence above the title ‘They thought they were alone…’  The cover promises the story of an ambitious camping trip in Iceland’s […]

Sometimes you find a literary gem all by yourself. Sometimes you need a helping hand. I’ve just read an incredible book Angels of the Universe by Einar Már Guðmundsson, the Icelandic author of novels, short stories and poetry; a book that made a lasting impression on the Icelandic nation, and all those who had an […]

Hans Rosenfeldt: “We’re coming to the end of the damaged cop era” – read more here