“The sun coming through the window made it difficult to see the writing on the screen. Gunnarstranda drew the curtain. Then his mobile beeped. It was a text from Tove. She wanted to know which version of ‘Come Rain or Come Shine’ he liked best.  What sort of question was that? There were loads of […]

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They said I stole the breath from men, and now they must steal mine. 1829, Iceland. Agnes Magnúsdóttir has been condemned to death as an accomplice in the brutal murder of Natan Ketilsson and his house guest, Pétur Jónsson. She will become the last woman executed in Iceland. In…

‘German Historical Fiction’ and ‘German Noir’ panels at Newcastle Noir, Sat 29 April – http://wp.me/p1gQ6o-25S

Tickets on sale for Nordic Noir Book Club event featuring Jorn Lier Horst, Lone Theils and Stefan Ar… – http://wp.me/p1f5kV-cs

The month of May sees Off The Page (Stirling Libraries book festival) running for the 12th year. They usually have a good mix of events including crime authors.  Crime highlights of this year’s festival are: Femme Fatale Night – The three ladies of crime who form Femme Fatale are Alanna Knight, Alex Gray and Lin Anderson. Alanna Knight has […]

Last year’s Series Mania TV festival in Fontainebleau, France looked like an intriguing weekend, full of screenings and industry-style talks and panel sessions. This year it’s back and it’s always worth looking at the program because plenty of new stuff is unveiled. It’s no difference this year, and there’s plenty of new series from the […] […]

The Team should be your next box set.  Although it has a distinctly Danish feel to it, it is set across Europe (mainly in Denmark, Belgium and Germany).  It is fast paced, well acted and beautifully directed.  The show touches on so many aspects of organised crime it is hard to keep up; prostitution, slavery, […]

Quais du Polar is France´s biggest festival of crime fiction, attracting tens of thousands of readers every year. The festival is different from many others in the sense that it is a book-selling event on a large scale, and the panels and on-stage interviews with the authors are just the icing on the cake.   […]

“Who received the unprecedented honour of a book review in a scientific journal for the accurate descriptions of poison in their first novel?” was the question at the Christmas Book Club quiz night in December 2014 that initially got me thinking I should maybe read Agatha Christie rather than watch the dramatisations on TV.   I […]

‘There was something sinister about this whole affair, Ari Thor thought, some inexplicable incident  that had been kept secret. He was certain that he was coming closer to a solution, but he would need to dig deeper.’ (Rupture by R. Jonasson) I have a colleague at work who has been to Iceland and has lumps […]