Bloody Stirling

Bloody Stirling! Words you will often hear me mutter. I get rather frustrated sometimes with the lack of quality events in my home area.  Generally speaking, unless I get on a train and head to Glasgow, Edinburgh or London, I always end up at the same places, The Tolbooth and The MacRobert, seeing similar kinds of performances.  I love what I see in those venues and believe that particular groups help to support the Stirling scene (both the traditional Scottish music Feis movement , Tommy Smith’s various jazz groups and various returning comedians and bands in particular)  but Stirling has been crying out for something special, something home grown with an international twist for years and I feel perhaps it may have just found its niche with the Bloody Scotland festival.    The Bloody Scotland festival seems to be reaching out to a mixed and varied audience and utilising the great local facilities and networks to it’s best advantage. Other events are springing up at the same time which helps to create a feeling of vibrancy in the city and a bit of a buzz around the place.   A young friend, an avid reader,  asked me this morning what I was doing this weekend and I told her about Bloody Scotland.  She hadn’t heard anything about it and asked me how I knew it was happening.  These things just tend to be on my radar but perhaps there is more work to be done connecting with the younger people of Stirling catchment area.  Another friend is visiting from Germany at the moment. She is a BIG fan of Scottish crime and luckily Bloody Scotland coincides with her annual holiday here so she is going to see as many Scottish writers as we are seeing Nordic ones!

Here are some links you can follow if you want to learn a bit more about the history of the festival and an interesting spin off project called the Murder Room

History and Vision:

Bloody Scotland Competition winner 2012:

The Murder Room:

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