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Beck The Series: Vol 2 #Beck

In the UK we have been enjoying our recent Saturday nights watching Detective Martin Beck (Peter Haber, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and his team investigate suspenseful cases that blur the lines between the team’s professional and private lives. Next to a murdered journalist and police officer, Beck has had to deal with personnel […]

Broken Chord: the first Jacopo Dragonetti mystery, by Margaret Moore

I’m an avid reader of the books featuring Inspectors Montalbano, Brunetti and Bordelli by Andrea Camilleri, Donna Leon and Marco Vichi respectively, so it’s always interesting to come across a ‘new kid on the block’. This time the crime investigator is Jacopo Dragonetti, State Prosecutor for the Province of Luca. This is the first outing […]

Newcastle Noir in Springtime!

Another year has passed…and this blog is two years old!  The Nordic Noir trend seems to be in its middle ages, new TV shows being made as we patiently wait, filling our time with tv shows from other places with similar elements –  dvds, box sets and books a plenty, not all new but some […]

Italian Noir

The post on Borgen Suppers relates the story of the origins of our collective interest in NOIR, especially its nordic-themed variety, rendered in the ‘dogme’ cinematic style. We’d have sicilian lunches to chew the cud around plot, character and landscape. So it was with some interest that I came across this piece in todays Guardian. […]

The Nordic Noir Project and the Borgen Suppers

There’s something very convivial about discovering common ground; more so when the common ground relates to pleasure. A group of colleagues chanced upon their mutual ‘fandom’ for the 9pm Saturday evening BBC4 offering of Montalbano and Nordic Noir as they exchanged e-mails on a project and crossed paths in the neutral territory of the departmental […]