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Bridge Over Nordic Water: How a TV Series is Helping Transform Malmö into a Must Visit Destination

Sweden’s third largest city is the backdrop to a hit Scandi-crime series.  Showing no signs off running out of steam the third season of Danish-Swedish crime series The Bridge has been a critical and ratings success throughout Scandinavia. One of Scandinavian TV’s biggest exports, The Bridge has been screened in 174 countries. Interest in the […]

The Scandinavia Show, London!

Nordic Noir will be partaking in some TV tourism of a sort this weekend.  I guess it is fair to say that I probably would have lusted after a trip to a show like this 3 years ago, but my desire has been fired up by the current interest in Nordic Noir and this has led to […]

Italian Noir

The post on Borgen Suppers relates the story of the origins of our collective interest in NOIR, especially its nordic-themed variety, rendered in the ‘dogme’ cinematic style. We’d have sicilian lunches to chew the cud around plot, character and landscape. So it was with some interest that I came across this piece in todays Guardian. […]