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Master and Commander

Where does a ‘crime thriller’ veer off and become ‘horror’? I watched a programme the other night with Andrew Marr, talking about fiction and in particular, crime fiction. He dwelt on the history behind this genre – in the days of Agatha Christie and the Country House murder – a ghastly crime (usually a murder) […]

The Fall Begins Filming Series 2 In Belfast

Originally posted on The Killing Times:
One of the hits of last year – The Fall – was something a bit different in the crime drama genre (or at least something we haven’t done for a while). Instead of straight procedural whodunit, it was a tense, scary cat-and-mouse thriller. It won awards, it won critical…

Ulster Noir

The Fall (BBC 2) is compellingly ‘noir’ in ways that Arne Dahl is formulaic, melodramatic and, frankly, comic! And in Stella I think we have a genuine remodelling of the Lund archetype with a more interesting repertoire of relational rituals. There’s a level of general aggression and darkness in both plot and character which touches […]