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Die For Me by Jesper Stein #bookreview #Denmark #DieForMe #NordicNoir #crimefiction

Jesper Stein is a multiple prize winning author from Denmark and is the third best selling author in his home country as well as a European best seller.  Film rights for the first 3 books in this series have been sold to the producers of The Bridge. In the UK Mirror Books have a 5 […]

In from the Cold: Northern Noir

Stepping into Europe House in London meant immersing yourself in the world of languages and books. On 18th October 2017 a special event was held under the auspices of European Literature Network and Rosie Goldsmith – In from the Cold: Northern Noir. A symposium on Northern crime writing, crime fiction translation and criticism, looking at […]

This Is the Tale of a Nordic Soul*

The appearance of the term Nordic Noir is one which was recently constructed by the media and has become a popular catch all term to cover a variety of writing, film and television programmes being produced in the Nordic countries today.    However, at the heart of this term is crime fiction.   The translated literary branch […]

New Year, New Noir

Happy New Year! Here are five of our favourite things which you may like to explore in the next 12 months: For the Nordic Noir viewer: Presuming you have already watched the latest series of The Bridge, our top DVD series recommendation is Eyewitness. This dark 6 part TV mini series from Norway and is […]

The Bridge (Bron – Broen) Season 3 Episodes 9 and 10

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The Bridge (Bron/Broen) –Season 3, Episodes 9 and 10 Well I did say that I’d be late this week and you may have all worn yourselves out with reading and discussing the final episodes, but I’ve been avoiding everything until I finally watched it.  I may be the only one reading…

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The Bridge (Bron – Broen) Season 3 Episodes 5 and 6 –

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The Bridge (Bron – Broen)Season 3 Episodes 3 and 4 –

The Bridge Sing-a-Long

If you are interested in the sing-a-long words for The Bridge theme tune you can find them here or here! Our particular favourite line is ‘fozzing off on a nood of pain.’ Much hilarity will follow! You could also substitute these lines: “Echoes of a soft shiny turd…….. Softly flying in Douglas Hird….” (with thanks […]

The Bridge (Bron – Broen)Season 3 Episodes 1 and 2

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The Bridge (Bron) –Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2 It’s back!!!  It’s back!!! But Martin isn’t in it!!! It’s hard to remember what happened in season 2.  It ended on our screens in the UK in February last year.  Here we are towards the end of November the following year and…

Bridge Over Nordic Water: How a TV Series is Helping Transform Malmö into a Must Visit Destination

Sweden’s third largest city is the backdrop to a hit Scandi-crime series.  Showing no signs off running out of steam the third season of Danish-Swedish crime series The Bridge has been a critical and ratings success throughout Scandinavia. One of Scandinavian TV’s biggest exports, The Bridge has been screened in 174 countries. Interest in the […]