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#IcelandNoir Festival 2018 A review!

The dust (but not the ash cloud) has settled over the Iceland Noir crime fiction festival which was held between 15th and 18th November 2018 in Reykjavík.  We had a couple of willing volunteers there to review it for us. This first piece is by regular guest blogger Ewa Sherman who was Head of Volunteers […]

Brim – A good dose of claustrophobia and slime

Strange things happen on boats.  Even more so on Icelandic fishing boats.  This stark  film from Iceland which came out in 2010 features some names that will be familiar to Nordic Noir fans: Olafur Darri Olafsson (Trapped) and Ingvar Eggert Sigurddson (Jar City).    The film puts us face to face with some pretty serious, […]

Books in Bergen: A Review by Ewa Sherman

    Having followed in Varg Veum’s footsteps previously, while reading Gunnar Staalesen’s   We Shall Inherit the Wind, I wanted to go back to Bergen. Luckily I found the best reason possible: the Literary Festival (De Litterære Festspill) organised by the Godfather of crime fiction himself Gunnar Staalesen between 26th and 28th May 2016. […]

Jorn Lier Horst thriller series to be filmed!

Nordic Noir discovered today that Jorn Lier Horst has partnered with Cinenord and the Danish production company Good Company Films to bring Chief Inspector William Wisting to our screens. The series will be based on six of his novels. The man chosen for the job is behind both the British and Swedish versions of Wallander, the […]

GFT now showing The Absent One #DepartmentQ #NordicNoir

Did you just finish watching Follow The Money? You can see more of Nikolaj Lie Kaas (and Pilou Asbaek)  at The Glasgow Film Theatre  which is currently showing the latest Scandinavian box office hit: The Absent One. The Absent One is the thrilling follow up to The Keeper of Lost Causes and based upon the hugely […]

#Occupied – New Norwegian political suspense thriller

Occupied is a 3 disc set which is released on Blu-ray and DVD today (Dazzler Media). It comes to us from the makers of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo films and Wallander , Yellow Bird,  and is based on an idea by Jo Nesbo.  It has recently been shown on Sky Arts and was […]

Is #Murder #Thicker than Water?

Great news. There are two new series starting tonight on TV. Murder starts on BBC2 at 9pm and is a 3 part tale set in the Scottish borders. Some of you may remember the first series of Murder by Birger Larsen (The Killing) from a few years ago.  It stood out to us in the […]

#Nordic News

It was exciting to read that the Gothenburg Film Festival will be highlighting television drama this year. You can read more about this here (Nordic focus) and here (German and Finnish focus).  Recently there has been a lot of talk of TV shows becoming more filmic so it is interesting to see film festivals include a focus […]

This Is the Tale of a Nordic Soul*

The appearance of the term Nordic Noir is one which was recently constructed by the media and has become a popular catch all term to cover a variety of writing, film and television programmes being produced in the Nordic countries today.    However, at the heart of this term is crime fiction.   The translated literary branch […]

New Year, New Noir

Happy New Year! Here are five of our favourite things which you may like to explore in the next 12 months: For the Nordic Noir viewer: Presuming you have already watched the latest series of The Bridge, our top DVD series recommendation is Eyewitness. This dark 6 part TV mini series from Norway and is […]