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Nordic Noir @North Finchley

Save the Date! For those in the North Finchley area, Mark Nagle is putting together a Nordic month which is pretty exciting and I hope some of you can go to the events as it promises to be an excellent meeting of fan minds! These are the plans so far: Tuesday 3rd October, 1800 – […]

Newcastle Noir in Springtime!

Another year has passed…and this blog is two years old!  The Nordic Noir trend seems to be in its middle ages, new TV shows being made as we patiently wait, filling our time with tv shows from other places with similar elements –  dvds, box sets and books a plenty, not all new but some […]

Old and New – Van Veeteren

Van Veeteren, Films:Vol.1 – This Swedish series is based on the books by Hakan Nesser, one of Sweden’s best selling crime writers. We saw him being interviewed by Barry Forshaw at Nordicana this year alongside Arne Dahl. There was a great atmosphere at that talk as all three people really know their subjects and had […]

Nordic Noir Night Before Christmas

To everyone who reads our blog, members of the Facebook group and followers on Twitter, thank you for your input, friendly words and your opinions. We hope 2014 is full of interesting Nordic Noir events and you continue to enjoy sharing this with us. The Nordic Noir Team (Miriam, Christine, Sheila and Douglas) ‘Twas the […]

NN at Bloody Scotland: Some notes on the Arne Dahl session

The auditorium was filled with a lively buzz of expectation which was not disappointed.   Guttridge’s skilful interviewing produced a session to remember, and Dahl wooed the audience by expressing a love of Scotland and mention of a whisky trip. Discussing the first book he wrote, he talked about how he came to choose to write […]

… while away a few hours of life with, good company for those in need of companionship….

…. to while away a few hours of life with, good company for those in need of companionship…. These few but very significant words stopped my lazy skimming of the Arto R Schultz blog and made me re-read it; this time carefully and with reflection.. Is this then what it is all about?  The statement […]

Nordicana – A two day show celebrating Nordic Noir fiction, film and TV (Day 2)

 On Sunday the big draw was the Borgen Screening and Dramatising Politics panel discussion. Initially episode 16 was shown, this is said to be the best ever episode of Borgen. It’s the one where the audience find out about Kaspar’s back story and Birgitte has to decide about her daughter taking anti-depressants. The large and […]

Nordicana – A two day show celebrating Nordic Noir fiction, film and TV (Day 1)

The length of the queue  on a cloudy Saturday morning in Clerkenwell, London was surprisingly long, showing just how popular the Nordic noir  genre has become.  Upon closer inspection it became obvious that for the vast majority of people attending at 10.30am was probably a civilised time in their day just after morning coffee and […]

Nordic Prime, in defence of Arne Dahl by Arto R Schultz (Guest Blogger)

A primer is a base coat of paint, sometimes easily omitted or forgotten in our haste to get a job done. But such base coats form an important layer for all subsequent coats of paint. A base coat to prime an audience. And so to the Killing a series which with it’s strong female lead, […]

Arne Dahl endings….

Arne Dahl endings…. Searching for a theme in these angst ridden offerings has been one of the highlights of the Arne Dahl series.  By stretching the imagination a little, one episode could be said to have tended towards a ‘relationships’ theme, and another towards a ‘children’ theme.   Europa Blues, the final episode, appropriately seemed to […]