Boxing Clever for Winter

According to today’s Herald these are the box sets to watch as we cosy down for winter.  The list has some absolute classics but feels a little off to me* and I thought I could do better so I have suggested alternatives to the shows on the original list. The ones from the original list without alternatives are shows that trusted friends have recommeded to me or shows that I thought sounded intriguing. I hope this list will suit some of you more than the original. Happy watching!

Succession – family drama  ALTERNATIVE  The Legacy – Danish inheritance drama.

Outlander – time-travelling adventure ALTERNATIVE  Anno 1790 – excellent Swedish period crime drama.

The Sopranos – crime drama. Comes highly recommended.

Glow – comedy drama ALTERNATIVE  Dag – Norwegian comedy drama about an off the wall marriage counselor.

Mindhunter – crime thriller. Looks intriguing.

Homeland – spy thriller. ALTERNATIVE Hinterland – Welsh Noir with great storytelling, acting, visuals and tension.  I have enjoyed all seasons of this show and some of the episodes have blown me away they were so powerful. Highly recommended.

Borgen – political thriller. Great if you want a break from murders and enjoy backstabbing, bitching, politics, fast paced reporting and relationships.

Downton Abbey – period drama ALTERNATIVE 1864 – Danish war drama.

The Wire – crime drama. Comes highly recommended.

Mad Men – drama. Comes highly recommended.

Line of Duty – police procedural. Catch up before new series begins.

The Bridge – crime thriller. A must watch.

The Crown – historical drama ALTERNATIVE  Trapped – one of the best police procedural shows to come out of Iceland and you can catch up for the next series which has been filmed.

Spiral – crime drama from France. Highly recommended and plenty of seasons to watch. This could last you all winter. Character development as the series progress is amazing.

Poldark – costume drama ALTERNATIVE Pressa – 3 seasons of Icelandic thriller based on a journalist’s experiences.

The Affair – steamy relationship drama ALTERNATIVE Beck – police procedural show that you can watch again and again.  Classic stuff.

Orange is the new Black – prisoner Cell Block H with swagger ALTERNATIVE Fargo – the tv series, dark, American, odd. Loved it.

I Love Dick – feminist comedy drama ALTERNATIVE Dicte – Series 1 & 2 of this Danish female investigative journalist series are a decent, entertaining watch.

Britannia – historical drama ALTERNATIVE – Oyvitne (Eyewitness) A brilliant Norwegian series. Highly recommended.

Twin Peaks – Surreal mystery horror drama. Highly recommended.

Brideshead Revisted – costume drama ALTERNATIVE Varg Veum series – feature length movies of Norwegian private detetive series. Worth searching out.

The Singing Detective – musical comedy thriller ALTERNATIVE River – odd but brilliantly acted British police procedural.

Stranger Things – supernatural thriller. Highly recommended.

The Kingdom – horror hospital soap ALTERNATIVE Cardinal – dark police procedural from Canada set in Northern Ontario.

The Handmaid’s Tale – dystopian drama. Highly recommended.

Fortitude – sci-fi psychological thriller. ALTERNATIVE The Protectors – Danish show with two seasons easily available on DVD.

Top of the Lake – stylish and intense crime series. Series 1 blew my mind.

The Night Of – Emmy award winning crime drama. Sounds intriguing.

The Kettering Incident -Tasmanian mystery thriller. Sounds intriguing.

Tinker Tailor Solder Spy – cassy 1970’s spy drama. ALTERNATIVE The Killing – the show that started the Nordic Noir trend.  A must watch. Top stuff.

Occupied – big budget Norwegian political thriller.

Battlestar Galactica – cult space adventure ALTERNATIVE Night Shift/Day Shift/Prison Shift – dark comedy, cult drama from Iceland.  Oddball characters, brilliantly scripted. Stick with it.

*I want my viewing darker, odder and more global. Give me subtitles!!!


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