Nordic Bakery’s Font and Flavour

IMG_3kwql0Font and Flavour is a lifestyle book by the Nordic Bakery, a favourite spot for Nordic Noir fans to meet up in when in London. We can already get the  Nordic Bakery Cookbook full of delicious recipes to recreate at home but Font and Flavour provides the reader with something different.  The text is by Miisa Mink (co-owner of the Nordic Bakery) and photography by Milla Koivisto

I am fond of a brand book. I remember when the Absolut book by Richard Lewis came out in the 80s. I drooled over the pages.  Font and Flavour is similar drooling material. It is about the Nordic Bakery brand. It is not a recipe book (although there are 2 recipes in the book and a few serving suggestions). This is a book of words and images that lets you get a little closer to the ideas that Nordic Bakery are using to create their brand.

The book uses vocabulary such as; Childhood dreams in sugar and spice, Designing the Nordic urban landscape, and Less choice makes better coffee, to describe its sections. It also features short pieces on regulars at the cafe such as Cinnamon Bun Girl and Wearing Black Drinking Coffee (Guy). They describe their own experience of the cafe, the role it plays in their lives.  I did think the cover of the book could have been a bit bolder but I understand that it will stand out nicely in the cafes against the dark colours used in their interiors.


The book touches on many of  the things we know and may love about Nordic branding. Simplicity, quality, nature, design, silence.  All things I experienced when I visited the cafe in Golden Square in Soho London.  My experience was definitely quiet. I felt as if I was in a library. I enjoyed the cafe much as I did the book,  in a quiet, tactile way. Dreaming about a concept. Enjoying each little thing which was presented with care and consideration.

If you like the Nordic Bakery brand, beautiful coffee table books, dreaming, photos of Nordic scenery, food and interior design then this book won’t let you down. The book has space which lets the reader breathe. It will fill an hour of your day with all things deliciously Nordic and I am sure it is a book I will return to again and again for inspiration.







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