The Legacy (Arvingerne)

This Danish series is a quality melodrama which started off strongly and has now ended with the third season. The Legacy explores an upper middle class, dysfunctional Danish family which has its roots in the artistic community of the 1960s.  It explores family secrets, eccentricities, relationships and human nature. If you enjoy character driven shows, albeit one presented in a rather intriguing cool Scandinavian way, then this series is for you.  It is not crime fiction.

The show has characters galore. Ones you hate, ones you cannot fathom and a few likeable characters but not many.   Much of the action takes place in or around buildings. Places such as the local handball court, art galleries and the crumbling family mansion which binds these characters together.  Glimpses of the landscape are there but not to the level of other Nordic shows we have seen in the UK.

On the whole I found this series well made but really could not warm to many of the characters.  Series 3 is recommended to those who have watched series 1 & 2 to complete the story and provide closure.  This show, which has ridden on the coattails of DR’s success with The Killing and Borgen,  offers something else to viewers of Nordic Noir. The series was immensely popular in Denmark but don’t watch it expecting it to add to your hygge experience or expand your crime fiction collection.  It will however give you strong performances, raised tensions and spectacularly beautiful opening credits.

The Legacy

The final season of Danish series The Legacy is released on DVD & BLU-RAY Box Set today by Nordic Noir & Beyond.  THE LEGACY SEASON 1-3 is also released on DVD & BLU-RAY Box Set and available here.

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