WEE PUFFS #2 Concise Book Reviews

Wee puffs is our series of Twitter Reviews done in 140 characters or less. This set were the non-Nordic part of our Spring reads.

Mallachy Tallack’s book comes highly recommended for those of you who read this blog and embrace the North as it takes in Shetland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Russia, Alaska and Canada.

60 Degrees


60 Degrees North by @malachytallack, Travel, history, nature & experience wrapped up in a blanket of North. A kindred spirit. Top read.

Killing Season

The Killing Season by @MasonCrossBooks – Chase me. I dare you. Pacy novel set in USA. A real page turner with FBI, guns, tension and a kiss.

Bay of martyrs

Bay of Martyrs by @TonyblackUk & @DrMattNeal – Jaded Australian journo solves the case. Character driven, down to earth & highly enjoyable.

One comment

  1. […] When it comes down to it the one thing that ties this to Nordic books and TV shows for me is the sense of isolation felt by the reader as they explore this place through the characters.  This links back to something I wrote a few years ago here where I suggest that isolation is a key feature of Nordic Noir. Most of the characters in this story feel, crave or question their isolation.  They are aware of it.  I also felt this when Tallack wrote about his northern travel experience in 60 Degrees North which I recommended here. […]

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