Burial Rites by Hannah Kent

A dark love letter to Iceland.

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They said I stole the breath from men, and now they must steal mine.

1829, Iceland. Agnes Magnúsdóttir has been condemned to death as an accomplice in the brutal murder of Natan Ketilsson and his house guest, Pétur Jónsson. She will become the last woman executed in Iceland. In this vivid Scandinavian crime novel, based on a true story, Hannah Kent imagines Agnes’ final months.

Kent’s Agnes is a remarkable character. To society she is but a murderess, a landless peasant, victim to poverty and fated to a cruel end – her intelligence is suspicious, she’s fallen prey to desire and keen jealousy, and her actions have labelled her a monster. The family of Kornsà, who grudgingly takes her in while she awaits sentencing, is intolerant of her and horrified by her crime. She’s a thing made for gossip and distrust. But gradually, they find themselves considering the humanity of…

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