The Team – EU collaboration in dramatic crime thriller form.

The Team should be your next box set.  Although it has a distinctly Danish feel to it, it is set across Europe (mainly in Denmark, Belgium and Germany).  It is fast paced, well acted and beautifully directed.  The show touches on so many aspects of organised crime it is hard to keep up; prostitution, slavery, financial corruption and more.  The series is written by the same team who brought us The Protectors Peter Thorsboe and Mai Brostrøm.

The Team series tells the tale of three prostitutes who are murdered by being shot through the left eye in Antwerp, Berlin and Copenhagen.  Europol sets up a Joint Investigations Team under the lead of Harald Bjørn (Lars Mikkelsen, Borgen,  Sherlock and House of Cards)  from Denmark, Jackie Mueller (Jasmin Gerat, Kokowääh) from Germany and Alicia Verbeek (Veerle Baetens, The Broken Circle Breakdown) from Belgium. During their investigation The Team unravels an unscrupulous criminal organisation operating across Europe. The way that trafficked people are treated as disposable commodities by criminals is highlighted in this show and the writers of the show have not shied away from showing this aspect in a lot of detail.

One of the best features of the show is that we get to see how many different specialists work on an investigation and how all the different parts of The Team work together for a common aim.  We can see how important the digital profilers, psychological profilers, forensics, etc are and how they feed into the principle investigators who are on the ground.

The Team is an international production for Danish DR,  German ZDF, Belgian VTM, Austrian ORF and Swiss SRF.  It is partly funded by the EU’s Creative Europe Media initiative and blends the different EU cultures into one harmonious show.  The series has been shown recently in the UK on Walter Presents and will be released on DVD Monday 17th April

You can watch a trailer for The Team here.

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