Rupture by Ragnar Jonasson

‘There was something sinister about this whole affair, Ari Thor thought, some inexplicable incident  that had been kept secret. He was certain that he was coming closer to a solution, but he would need to dig deeper.’

(Rupture by R. Jonasson)

I have a colleague at work who has been to Iceland and has lumps of Icelandic lava adorning his office windowsill.  He enjoys reading Ragnar’s books.  When I ask if he’d like to borrow the latest in the Dark Iceland series his face lights up and his hand shoots out as quick as lightening.  He finds Jonasson’s books evocative of Iceland, satisfying and quick to read.

Rupture is the fourth in Ragnar’s Dark Iceland Series. The tale unravels around a family mystery in a remote fjord, Hedinsfjordur,  in Northern Iceland.  The character of Ari Thor, the main policeman is developed and he is well on his way to being an established figure in Siglufjordur society.  In this book Ari Thor tries to piece together what happened on a particularly grim day in the 1950s.  This tale is interwoven with a contemporary incident of a child going missing in broad daylight.  Ari Thor is once again assisted in his detection work by reporter Isrun who is based in Reykjavik.

This book, indeed the entire Dark Iceland series so far,  is beautifully translated by Quentin Bates and the descriptions of remote locations are very atmospheric. Rupture is a straightforward read which unfolds quietly with just the right amount of suspense.  Ragnar is highly adept at telling various story lines and drawing them all together at the end of the book into a very satisfying conclusion.

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We were very excited to see a quote of ours from a previous review inside Rupture as we have followed this author’s work in English translation from the beginning.  If you would like to hear Ragnar speak you can catch him at CrimeFest in Bristol this May 2017 where he will appear on the Mavericks, Misfits And Miscreants panel.  He will also be appearing in Hull in November 2017. You can find out more here.


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