Iceland Noir – a short film about experience 

This film is all about experience at a crime writing festival in Reykjavik, Iceland. It contains interviews with authors, fans and one of the festival organisers as well as images, music and some text. It was made as piece of academic work in 2014 to allow me to explore videography as a tool for research. I loved the experience of making a film, editing it and working with a musician on some of the soundtrack.

The piece has been well received at two conferences. One around the theme of Community Memory at the University of Stirling and also at the Academy of Marketing Arts and Heritage Colloquium 2016 held at Royal Holloway in London. The Icelandic Ambassador in London has also viewed it.

When I made this I did not have any really fancy tools. I used a small Flipcam, Sony phone and Microsoft Movie Maker on my laptop to edit. Needless to say I now have something much fancier that can produce professional quality film and am looking forward to my next project. I have also taken a three day workshop on videography at Strathclyde University to build on what I learned when making this piece.

This piece would not have been such positive experience without the support of the crime fiction community as well as the academic community that has supported me. Thank you all.

To watch the film please turn up the volume and click the link below. It is hosted on You Tube.


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