Huntress Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff


Many of this blog’s readers may be familiar with author Alexandra Sokoloff from panel discussions at crime writing festivals such as Bloody Scotland,  Newcastle Noir and Iceland Noir. We picked up her Huntress Moon book at Stirling’s Off the Page festival and decided to write a short review. One cannot live on Nordic Noir alone !


The book falls somewhere between the crime and horror genres as the tale of a most unusual female serial killer unfolds.  The story is original, fast moving and well researched.  One of the people who I gave it to to read said it was the best book they’d read for a couple of years.

Matthew Roarke initially comes across as a typical alpha male FBI special agent, but as he investigates the reader learns more about his more intuitive,  emotional side.  Unusually, as the book progresses the reader may find themselves empathising with the killer  as her motives become clearer.  There is a point where the boundaries between law enforcer and killer cross over.

It is a filmic novel which is set in various locations in the USA with hints of vampire or avenging angel to it so if your tastes lie at the borders of the crime and horror or supernatural genres then look out for this book or one of the others in the series. Alex advises reading her Huntress series in order, Huntress Moon is the first followed by Blood Moon and Cold moon. Her latest book Bitter Moon will be published in November this year. You can find out more here.

Enjoy the hunt readers!

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