Saturday Night Opposites #Trapped & #Stag

It struck us last night after episodes 7 & 8 of ‘Trapped ‘and episode 2 of ‘Stag’ how these shows were full of opposites.  ‘Trapped’ highlights the city and the country, the selfless and the selfish, the young and the old,  the familiar and the new. ‘Stag’ has the upper class compared to the middle class, the honest and the deceitful, the team and the single ego, the sober and the addict. These opposites allow the audience to position themselves on a scale in relation to the story and it’s characters. It helps the viewer decide where their sympathies lie and how they react to the show’s twists and turns.

‘Trapped’ which started off well seems to be getting even better as it reaches its climax. ‘Stag’ is like a closed room adult Scoobydoo doo mystery on speed. They are very different and we are enjoying them both because of that very fact. The fast pace versus the slow, the familiar versus the foreign,  the barren landscape versus the wooded hills. We’d still chose the Nordic anytime though. The production values, cinematic photography, pacing and the sheer joy of listening to another language will do it for us every time.

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