Is #Murder #Thicker than Water?

Great news. There are two new series starting tonight on TV.

Murder starts on BBC2 at 9pm and is a 3 part tale set in the Scottish borders. Some of you may remember the first series of Murder by Birger Larsen (The Killing) from a few years ago.  It stood out to us in the way it was filmed and edited.  The characters in the tale all told their own part of the story. It was very dark and pretty depressing but beautifully shot and very atmospheric. Indeed, the show went on to win the 2013 best single drama award at the BAFTAs.  You can read more about the first Murder series here.  Birger Larsen is also the director of this series and we think it is one to watch out for. Look out for testimonial shots, shots that make you feel like you are the CCTV camera controller snooping on people going about their everyday business and an engrossing watch.

Also starting tonight is Thicker Than Water on More 4 at 10pm , part of the Walter Presents world drama picks series.  Thicker than Water is a Swedish series which on initial investigation sounds like it may be something akin to Danish series The Legacy. Perhaps more drama than crime?  It follows the tale of 3 siblings and what happens when their mother commits suicide. It is a ten part series and was so popular in Sweden that the second series is already being filmed.  You may recognise one of the main actors Joel Spira from Anno 1790 and Crimes of Passion. He was also in Easy Money, the Swedish film made from the Jens Lapidus novel Snabba Cash.

Happy viewing everyone.  Let us know what you think!

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