Aye Write! Choice Picks

Glasgow’s 2016 Aye Write Festival has just been announced and tickets are now on sale for events happening in March.  I love the way that this festival has something for everyone. There are events with many themes such as music, graphic novels and gaming, poetry, fiction, non fiction, food, digital publishing, creative writing, politics and Gaelic events. Top crime picks are:

Cloud 1

11 March – Craig Robertson introduces Mat Johnson and Michelle Davies. Sounds like it will be quite full on but interesting and I am sure Craig will chair this with his usual charm and finesse. Craig is also speaking about Glasgow Crime on 13 March with Anna Smith and Anne Randall.

12 March – Chris Brookmyre’s Black Widow.  Chris is always a pleasure to listen to if you appreciate his dry sense of humour. He also has another session about the computer game Bedlam which is based on one of his books.

More crime with Mason Cross, Douglas Lindsey and Mark Leggat who choose not to set their books in Scotland but in other countries.

13 March holds the delights of Noir at the Bar with Dinise Mina and James Oswald (and others) which if you like pubs and crime fiction is a dream event.

Other choice picks are:

James Crawford on 10 March speaking about Lost Buildings will be worth seeing. I have been lucky enough to hear James speak before at Stirling University and really liked what he had to say and the way he said it.   Kate Tempest on the 14th April would be on my list of people to see and the Neu Reekie night always sounds great if you like a bit of variety at your event and is staged in collaboration with Gutter Magazine which is always a great read.

If anyone attends an event at Aye Write and would like to review it for our community please get in touch at nordicnoirbuzz@gmail.com

Aye Write




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