#Nordic News

It was exciting to read that the Gothenburg Film Festival will be highlighting television drama this year. You can read more about this here (Nordic focus) and here (German and Finnish focus).  Recently there has been a lot of talk of TV shows becoming more filmic so it is interesting to see film festivals include a focus on TV shows in their programming.

We’ve been going on about the Norwegian series Eyewitness  here for a while now. If you haven’t watched it yet you are missing something good.  This morning we discovered there will be an American adaptation of Eyewitness. They love their remakes in the USA and it doesn’t look like they are going to stop anytime soon.  More information here!

Fans of the Norwegian series Mammon (Season 2 premiered in Norway on the third of January this year) may like to read this which makes some interesting short comments on the way we watch TV and also the different ways that the public has access to TV shows.

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