The Bridge (Bron – Broen) Season 3 Episodes 9 and 10

Saga Noren, Lanskrim, Malmo…tak fur bloggin Wandy!


The Bridge (Bron/Broen) –Season 3, Episodes 9 and 10


Well I did say that I’d be late this week and you may have all worn yourselves out with reading and discussing the final episodes, but I’ve been avoiding everything until I finally watched it.  I may be the only one reading this this week.

It’s tough to know that this is the last two episodes and with the creator saying he is unsure of doing a fourth season, it’s with a heavy heart I write this.

We begin with Jeanette still tied up either giving birth or being tortured.  It turns out to be the former and whoever has her takes away the baby.  Freddie and his henchman are tracing the transmitter that he had put in Jeanette’s mobile phone and they find her unconscious and bloody in a barn, with no sign of the baby.

Henrik goes to Saga’s…

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