Nordic Film Festival in Glasgow, London and more! #nordicfilm15

Nordic Film Festival 2015_banner

The Nordic Film Festival is going on tour in January and coming to our doorsteps in Glasgow (also Bristol and Nottingham).  The festival starts in  London from tomorrow, December 4th and runs to December 13th.

The 4th edition of Nordic Film Festival brings together another diverse mix of features, docs and shorts from the Nordic region. Take your pick from an exciting range of films: from some of our regular themes – human stories, horizons, music, art and design – to political thriller, extreme adventure, and even sci-fi, alongside some fantastic special events. So join us on another cinematic ride to the far north and beyond!

Our pick:

Fri 4 Dec, 9:45pm – Regent Street Cinema, London

THE IDEALIST (Idealisten)

dir. Christina Rosendahl, Denmark 2015, 114 min, advised cert PG, Danish/English/Spanish/Greenlandic + English subtitles, London Premiere

Poul Brink is a journalist investigating one of the biggest government conspiracies in Danish history. In 1968, a US B-52 bomber carrying hydrogen bombs crashed into the US military base in Greenland. 20 years on, a suspiciously large number of Danish workers involved in the accident clean-up contract deadly diseases, but Brink’s probing is not welcome. Starring Peter Plaugborg (1864, Borgen) and Søren Malling (1864, Borgen, The Killing).

Full programme info:

The Idealist



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