#SYPfest chat: Dom Hastings – Bloody Scotland: “Festivals are about people with shared interests coming together to have fun.”

Interested in Crime Festivals? There was recently a Q & A on Twitter with Dom Hastings, the Director of Bloody Scotland which we took part in. It was hosted by the Scottish branch of the Society of Young Publishers.

SYP Scotland

bsWhen August hits Edinburgh, festival season is in the air, and we wanted to focus on the world of one kind: the book festival. What goes into putting a book festival together? Why host one? We wanted to give you the chance to ask any question you’ve ever had about the humble lit fest, and have got a series of Twitter chats so you can do just that! You can catch up on the full conversation at #SYPfest.

domDom Hastings, director of crime festival Bloody Scotland, wrapped up our trio of Twitter chats on book festivals. So we dive straight in: why is crime such a good genre to focus on? “Crime is a good genre because it’s so widely read,” explains Dom. “It’s the most popular genre amongst buyers and library users.”

“Here’s an exclusive for you,” Dom tells @MBendoris. “As of this morning we issued…

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