Beware of the ‘Skyr’.

Some of us in the Nordic Noir group got quite excited when we saw Icelandic Skyr was coming to the UK. I bought it and tried it. Others declared their love for the Greek stuff. Arla Skyr was tasty but not Skyr like I have had in Iceland. I didn’t buy it again. Iceland Defrosted have done a blog post on it which those of you that are interested in the traditional foods of Nordic countries might find interesting to read…

Iceland, Defrosted


After years and years of tracking down rare imports of Skyr, building trips around Iceland to hit the maximum number of pots per trip, extolling the virtues of skyr to anyone who’d listen, and even travelling to New York to taste the excellent Siggi’s, my Skyr dreams came true when in April, it was announced that Skyr would finally be arriving in the UK.

First available from Asda (a Walmart owned supermarket in the UK ) I ran to the nearest shop and bagged me a few pots. Alright, alright, I ordered on line, but it came the very next day, and you get the picture. I eagerly pulled back the foil lid. I’d chosen the Strawberry flavoured version, and I couldn’t wait to dig in. I spooned a mountain of Skyr into my mouth. It wasn’t Skyr. It didn’t taste like Skyr, smell like Skyr or feel like Skyr…

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