Inspired by Human Nature – Solveig Palsdottir #IcelandNoir

SPI thought I would share some links (below) in case anyone is exploring Icelandic crime writing and wants to learn more about newer crime authors on the scene in Iceland.

I had the pleasure of meeting Icelandic actor/author Solveig Palsdottir at Iceland Noir last year although I was not familiar with her work then.  She told me she had been in a few episodes of the TV show The Dayshift (which followed The Nightshift, an Icelandic TV show which was shown on the BBC)  but I had no idea she was also an author.  I shouldn’t have been surprised however as so many people in Iceland have had books published and they have such a strong reading culture there.


You can read an interview with Solveig in Nordic Style magazine here and you can check out Solveig’s own website here and read some samples of her work in English too and of course you can always watch The Nightshift on DVD if you want to see her act.  At the moment Solveig’s books are available in Icelandic and German and her first book Leikarinn (The Actor) , which came out 2012, is being made into a film by Kisi.  Perhaps a publisher will soon buy the translation rights to this so that the English-speaking world can be introduced to Solveig’s work.  Watch this space…


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  1. […] impression on the Icelandic nation, and all those who had an opportunity to read it in translation. Sólveig Pálsdóttir gave it to Jacky Collins, while she attended the Newcastle Noir 2016. I couldn’t wait to borrow […]

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