A Passion for Food – Exploration #1

‘In the refrigerator, Montalbano found a plate of cold pasta with tomatoes, basil and black passuluna olives that gave off an aroma to wake the dead … Montalbano was in the habit of trusting entirely in the simple but zestful culinary imagination of Adelina, the housekeeper who came once a day to see to his needs, a mother of two irredeemably delinquent sons, one of whom was still in jail, put there by Montalbano. And this day, too, she did not disappoint him. Every time he was about to open the oven or fridge, he still felt the same trepidation he used to feel as a little boy when, on the second of November, he would look for the wicker basket in which the dead had left their gifts during the night’

(The Terracotta Dog, an Inspector Montalbano Mystery by Camilerri)

Since its summer(ish) in Scotland and two of the team here have an allotment together I thought I would do a little foodie blog post for those who like to cook and because we here all miss Montalbano’s passion for food on our screens.

There are some fascinating foods in the Nordic countries. Its not all coffee, alcohol, fermented fish and meat dishes even more challenging than haggis.  In the Rough Guide to Crime Fiction Barry Forshaw says ‘In a lot of modern novels, it’s difficult to write about sex without it becoming pornographic or just cliched, but you can do food.’   Food is an integral part of many crime novels from any country and provides different functions to different authors, but first you as a reader need to know something about it.   Lets go on the first of a few small food related adventures together….

summer lunch 2  2013

I keep stumbling across a dessert from Norway called Troll Cream.  Intriguing.  I wonder if it will ever make it into a novel? If you have ever bought a jar of lingonberry preserves in Ikea and are wondering what to do with it, this is the recipe for you! You can check out an interesting blog post about it here:


Have you heard of Danish fastelavnsboller? As cakes go hand in hand with crime writing (so my research tells me) I think we should all know about these sweet treats which are related to a Nordic carnival.  You can read all about the best bakeries to get them in Copenhagen here:


I came across this really beautiful french food blog (in English), but the author is married to an Icelandic man and has a lovely post on place, family life and Icelandic fish soup!


Finnish Cardamom rolls with coffee…sound good? This is a step by step photo blog with beautiful pictures of how to make these tasty morsels of deliciousness:


And to finish a very simple Italian recipe that I have actually made and is one of those recipes that is greater than the sum of its parts. If you have a glut of greens in your garden or a friend gives you some from their plot this is a good place to start.  I can easily imagine Monty eating this at Enzo’s.


Now it must be time for coffee and cake…anyone?










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