Garnethill by Denise Mina

Nordic Noir love to see Denise doing her thing at live events…Wordopolis reviewed Garnethill which many of us have read… If you like Scottish crime fiction Denise’s books are a good place to start…

Ms. Wordopolis Reads

garnethillGarnethill by Denise Mina

Carroll & Graf, 2001

I bought my copy of the book.

Garnethill is the first in a trilogy of books featuring Maureen O’Donnell, a reluctant PI in Glasgow. She recently returned to work at her dead-end job in a ticket booth after a stint in a psychiatric hospital. After a night spent drinking with her friend Leslie, who runs a battered women’s shelter, she finds her lover Douglas, a psychiatrist, murdered in her living room. She is sort of a suspect in parts of the book, but basically she decides– foolishly at times– to investigate Douglas’s murder on her own without  help from her younger brother Liam and Leslie, both of whom are very protective of her.

It’s a book with heavy subject matter besides murder: Maureen was hospitalized after recovering memories of being abused by her father, the crimes involved women institutionalized in psychiatric hospitals…

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