Spiral – Engrenages Season 5, Episodes 5 and 6

Spoilers! Another excellent blog on the latest episodes of Spiral…


Spiral – Engrenages Season 5, Episodes 5 and 6


“Some strong language, violent scenes and sexual scenes from the start”. But they didn’t warn about the spider. The thousands, nay millions out there who have arachnophobia wouldn’t have been impressed with the start of episode 5. A rather large spider crawling across the shoulder of a man. But who is this man? Well he is the one sharing a cell with Stephane. Who looks to have hung himself.

Djibril, the owner of the bar Royal Pacha tells the police that the man known as Blanco is Cederic Gouzet. As Laure, Gilou and Tintin question him in the police station, Tintin is a bit overly harsh with him, which Laure tells him off for. Tintin doesn’t trust Djibril. I think we can all see why.

Pretty Pierre is visiting Stephane in hospital who has survived his suicide attempt. Some marvellous sympathy…

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