Spiral – Engrenages Season 5, Episodes 3 and 4

Spoiler alert but another great blog on Spiral from Wandywatson. Merci monsieur!


Spiral – Engrenages Season 5, Episodes 3 and 4

This having to wait a week malarkey is not good.


The saviour of Saturday night TV has arrived again and on an evening which includes The Voice, Star In Their Eyes, Take Me Out and Celebrity Big Brother, making it until 9pm without having poked your eyes out is quite an achievement.

BBC4 at 9 has long since been the only decent thing on my telly on a Saturday evening and a night in usually involves whatever series I’m watching on DVD or a film to get to there. Whilst whatever is at this slot hasn’t always been brilliant (I just can’t take to Montalbano at all) there have been some great programmes. Spiral is up there with the best of them.

We begin with the woman who was found in the canal, Sandrine and her daughter lying in the…

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