Edinburgh Festival 2015

As you know many Nordic Noir fans went to see the third James play at this year’s Edinburgh International Festival starring Sophie Grabol from The Killing.  We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the topical play in the politically charged pre-referendum capital city on our night out. Sophie was great. Top quality acting to compliment the well written script.

Today I received a call from the festival people. The call wasn’t just a hard sell to support the festival  financially, they also wanted to discuss the experience we’d had and note anything that we had to say.

We suggested transport deals for those from out of town and use of social media as a customer service tool. In return I got the good news that next summer JULIETTE BINOCHE will star in a version of Sophocles Antigone translated by Canadian poet Anne Carson and directed by Ivo van Hove.  Apparently the play will explore the unbearable nature of tragedy.

There was mention of the Marriage of Figaro by a Hungarian opera group which would be a bit different as it will start out as a concert and then develop into an opera.

Unlike previous years festival director Fergus Linehan has decided not to have a theme in 2015. Finally the three major festivals; international, fringe and book have been brought into alignment and will take place over the same dates.

I know it’s not nordic noir, but for us its local, it’s important,  it’s Juliette Binoche, and hopefully some other parts of the festivals will satisfy our Nordic or Noir cravings.


  1. Blast: I know it’s better for tourists and the festivals in general to have them all at the same time, but as a local it’s better being able to see shows and attend talks if they are spread out a little.

    1. You don’t like that idea then? Do you think it will concentrate the madness too much?

  2. […] and has written extensively for stage, film, radio and television. Most recently, Munro wrote The James Plays. An exhibition of new photographs will be installed throughout Aberdeen as part of a collaboration […]

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