The Bridge Series 1 & 2- Special Offer!

Photo by News Oresund 23 Oct 2012

Photo by News Oresund 23 Oct 2012

Great news! There is an excellent offer on at the moment to buy series 1 & 2 of the excellent crime thriller series The Bridge from Arrow Films (while stocks last) .  Usually this set of DVDs would cost £29.99 but in  celebration of The Bridge’s Crime Thriller Awards nomination it is on special offer at £15.

If you need further convincing you could read an in depth review here or Arrow films offer this brief synopsis:

Series 1: The iconic Øresund Bridge, which stands in the strait between southern Sweden and Denmark, connects the cities of Copenhagen and Malmö. When a body is discovered lying directly across the line that divides these two countries a union between the respective cities’ Police forces is forged and a working relationship between two very different detectives begins. Laid-back but louche Danish family man, Martin Rohde (Kim Bodnia) and the socially awkward, classic-Porsche driving Swedish singleton, Saga Norén (Sofia Helin) have to work together to stop a chain of horrificly staged murders before a terrorist wins over public opinion with his anti-corruption agenda. As the case develops so does the relationship between Martin and Saga, culminating in one of the most dramatic conclusions to a TV series in recent memory.

Series 2: 13 months later a deserted tanker veers off course, heading straight for the Bridge, the scene of the now-infamous crime that first united the two detectives. When the Coast Guard finally board the ship they discover there is no crew present but find three Swedish and two Danish youths chained below deck. Saga is immediately put in charge of the case but, as Danish victims are involved, she contacts her previous case-collaborator, Martin – still suffering the psychological consequences of the previous case, and they embark on investigating a mysterious and complex case involving terrorists with an environmental agenda.

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