Little Films – are book trailers a crime against imagination?

I recently had this blog piece published over on the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication website. It has a Nordic Noir slant so you might be interested to read it.  Miriam


Here is the full url incase the above link doesn’t work :


  1. I Just read your link at the Stirling site and wanted to chime in on a trend I have come to loathe!
    While I understand the marketing strategy behind book trailers (and the co-releasing of books/music) I don’t want their imagery competing in my brain while I’m creating my own via the descriptions and dialogue I’m reading! Consequently I avoid clicking on these trailers but have often wondered if I’m the only one doing so!

    1. I know what you mean. What do you think about the argument that they may encourage young readers, esp boys?

      1. I think they are probably right! I think males would be enticed to read something if they’d been impressed by the imagery and action in the trailers. Maybe it does split along gender lines. I will ask my sons’ opinions and see what they think. They’re both adults who read frequently.

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