Montalbano’s Pasta ‘ncasciata

One for the foodies! Found this good blog post about Montalbano’s pasta. Its a wet, rainy day in Scotland, dreams of Italian sunshine needed! Thanks to ‘Another Year in Recipes’ for her blog post…

Another Year in Recipes

I’m addicted to reading mysteries. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy adapting recipes from Italy: Trying to follow a recipe written in Italian by Italians for Italians is solving a mystery. Their habitual vagueness about quantities, procedures, and timing is like a set of clues that must be puzzled out to arrive at a solution – and not always the one you’d expected.

A case in point: recipes from Stefania Campo’s I segreti della tavola di Montalbano: Le ricette di Andrea Camilleri. To successfully prepare dishes from this book makes me feel a kinship to the famously food-loving Sicilian detective, Salvo Montalbano, hero of Camilleri’s series of mystery novels. (I did a whole splendid dinner party from the book last year and wrote about it here.)

Pasta ‘ncasciata is one of Montalbano’s favorite things to eat. This classic Sicilian baked pasta dish, made for him by his…

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