Scandinavian Crime Fiction

The last four Scandinavian books I have read have comprised of one terrible, one average, one good and one excellent…I can accept that…in every genre there are great talents and not so great….what do people think of this blog post from Michaelinmadrid?

365 Things That Annoy Me!

scandi 3This post is not a post putting down authors like Stieg Larsson or Henning Mankell, it’s a post about how every Tom, Dick and Sven born in a Scandinavian country now gets a book deal immediately because of where they’re from and what they write about.  I enjoyed books like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series and Faceless Killers and Firewall, but I’m tired of seeing Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and even Icelandic wannabes putting out crap fiction and people buying it because it’s “Scandi Crime,” or “Nordic Noir!”

All of them have a series that focuses on some detective or another and how they solve their crimes.  The books are very matter-of-fact, and written in plain language (which is good), and mainly devoid of metaphor and hidden meaning (which you know I absolutely hate).  But the writing is, for the most part, dry and unexciting.  Many of them…

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