Val McDermid – Cross? (And burn)

A wee bit of tartan noir anyone? Thanks to Andy at his blog….


Val McDermid

Central Library, Edinburgh, 22 May 2014


Sign on the way in (above).  With Val’s surname wrong.

I got my card marked by Val McDermid last night. I should point out this is not the first time. I saw her at the Edinburgh Book Festival two years ago when she and her good friend Professor Sue Black, from Dundee, were doing an event about forensics in crime novels. It was a great event, where during the Q&A session, I asked a question which made a joke at Fife’s expense (Val being from Kirkcaldy), something which Professor Black found quite amusing. At the book signing after the event, I met Val, who had taken it all in good spirit and written a nice wee message in my book “best wishes fae Fife”. (Professor Black sought me out to shake my hand.) So last night’s marking came because we followed her…

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  1. Excellent piece!b

  2. TalesOFOneCity · · Reply

    A video of the event is now on Edinburgh Libraries’ You Tube channel.

  3. Many thanks for the link TalesOFOneCity and Edinburgh City Libraries

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