Review: Wallander (S3 E1/6), Saturday 17th May

Thanks to The Killing Times for their blog on Wallander this week

The Killing Times

Wallander 1

Rejoice, Wallander fans, the pretender (Rolf Lassgard) has been banished and the rightful ruler (the even more hang-dog Krister Henriksson) ascends once more to his throne for six final hours on BBC Four. And that’s good news indeed, not least because Wallander is the kickstarter of the whole wave of Scandinavian crime drama, and the subsequent British crime dramas that have been influenced by our Nordic neighbours. It’s safe to say that Wallander is one of the most important crime drama in the past 20 years, but it would always be interesting to see, after an absence of several years and an influx of Killings and Bridges et al, how it would fair.

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