Nordic Noir – one year on…

It is one year since we started this blogging journey.  This date of note seems like a good time to reflect.  As a group we discussed how this reflection  should happen. Should we all write something? Write about each other? Post a visual representation of our experience?  Let is pass unmarked?    No conclusion was reached (typical academics!) so I am taking the bull by the horns and inviting everyone, including the other NN group members, to celebrate by leaving a comment on the blog.

To me this blog means community.  It started off as a small community of friends and it has been nurtured and grown.  This blog means freedom, a place in which to explore ideas, share thoughts and exchange cultural ideas.  I love the satisfaction that the spontaneous interaction on social media brings.   The blog has presented some personal challenges, challenges that I wanted to face but that needed a space to happen in.  Working on this project has given me confidence to make decisions , embrace change, have fun and explore through writing.

Thank you to everyone who reads our blog, contributes to it and uses the social media.  Thank you to everyone who has left comments, engaged in discussion, other bloggers whose work we have reblogged  and thanks to those who have written guest blogs. Lets keep riding the Nordic Noir wave!


So now it is your turn.  Will you help us celebrate our anniversary by leaving a comment telling us what the NN blog means to you, tell us something about being a fan of Nordic Noir in general or maybe just leave us a message!? Be part of the community…Tak!


  1. andylawrence71 · · Reply

    Appreciate very much all the hard work you put into this blog and the support you’ve given me.
    Many is the time something you’ve posted has been an invaluable help and without your insight I probably would have had to close my own space on the world wide web a long time ago. Congratulations on reaching your first anniversary. Hopefully we’ll soon have the opportunity to celebrate this milestone with a Scandi Gang curry session.

  2. Ellen · · Reply

    Your blog is such a wonderful and varied resource that since discovering you I have yet to find time to catch up and read it all! Keep up the great work.

  3. Thank you Ellen, hope you are doing well juggling your Phd and embracing motherhood. Glad you like the blog.

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